“5 minute prep” banana pudding

I woke up this morning craving banana pudding. I tried to ignore the craving, but it got the best of me.

Banana pudding is one of those things that can be created thousands of ways. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that “grandma’s banana pudding” is the best. But what if we don’t have the time, like grandma, to make her pudding?


I traveled near and far looking for the next best thing.

I went to Sonic to see if they served a banana pudding milkshake. Nope.

I took a chance at Food City to see if they offered banana pudding in the prepared food section. Nope.

I went to a local BBQ joint to see if they had banana pudding. Nope.

All tries to mask my craving for failed.

I decided to make my own variation by using items I had around the house. The only thing that I had to buy was pudding. I didn’t want to make the pudding, so I bought a pack of banana cream pudding cups instead. (I was surprised at how tasty they were.)


Full disclosure here: I’ve never made banana pudding.

There was once a time when I didn’t eat bananas. Those times have definitely changed.


Here’s my recipe for the very simple and very delicious banana pudding. (I call it the “5 minute prep” banana pudding, because it literally took me five minutes to prepare it.)


2-4 servings

– 1 banana

– 5 packets of Biscoff cookies (2 cookies are in a pack)

– Jello banana cream flavored pudding cups (4)

Other items needed:

– Medium sized bowl (for the pudding)

– Knife

– Spoon

– Small bowl for cookie pieces


РCrunch Biscoff cookies into medium and large sized pieces with your hands and place in a small glass bowl. (Make sure the cookies crumbs are not fine. They should be bigger chunks.

– Slice banana. (One medium banana should give you about 20-25 slices depending on thickness. If you prefer larger slices, use another banana.)

– In a glass bowl, layer cookie crumbles, pudding and banana slices. (Make sure you spread the pudding out and place the banana slices in an even layer.

– If you have extra cookie crumbles, sprinkle on top of the dish.

– Cover and place in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

– Enjoy!

NOTES: I used Biscoff cookies instead of vanilla wafers, simply because I had a few in my pantry. I think the Biscoff cookies add a different taste. Feel free to add more cookies, pudding or bananas to the recipe, depending on your favorite part. My favorite part is the cookie. My recipe reflects that.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 2.45.34 PM


What do you think? Let me know! Send me an email at taylorcshaw[AT]yahoo[DOT]com.