Women Fly it Forward

Women Fly it Forward gives young girls their wings to fly. For her first time on an airplane, 12-year-old Ariel Thomas flew over the city of Tallahassee, Fla. in a small aircraft. She was accompanied by her friend Danielle. In a partnership with the Tallahassee Regional Airport and the FL Aviation Center, they received their wings in science and technology.

The Proof is in the Juice

Puree Artisan Juice Bar offers organic juices made from fruits and vegetables. A new location recently opened inside MINT Health Club, in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The popular juices were once sold in Whole Foods and delivered to homes. Customers rave over Mean Lemon-aid, Daily Green and Rosemary Grapefruit flavors. Director of Operations Alan Kelley tells us what makes Puree different than other juices.

RECIPE: Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

1 can  cinnamon rolls with icing
bacon strips (1 slice for each cinnamon bun)

– Preheat oven to 350°F.
– Heat a skillet over medium-high heat. Place bacon strips in skillet and fry for 2-3 minutes until still soft but slightly cooked. Remove bacon and pat dry with paper towels
– Pop open the can of cinnamon rolls and unroll them into long strips. Lay one strip of bacon on each cinnamon roll strip, then roll them back up. Place each bacon roll in a greased pie pan.
– Cook according to package instructions, then drizzle with icing from the package.

RECIPE: Zucchini lasanga


I can vividly remember taking a spelling test in first grade where one of the bonus words was zucchini. I took pride in the word because I knew how to spell it. I would go around to my friends and family to ask if they knew how to spell the word. Some of them tried, but failed. I would smile and correct them by spelling out the word, “z-u-c-c-h-i-n-i.”

I had a flashback moment at the groccery store when I saw a pack of the green vegetable on sale. I put it in my cart with a smile.

Pinterst in my go-to site for recipes. That’s when I came across a recipe for zucchini lasagna.


  • 1 lb ground turkey (our beef)
  • 1 table spoon of minced garlic
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • 18 oz can crushed tomatoes with green chilies (you can use regular if you don’t like the heat of green chilies.)
  • 1 tbsp of italian seasoning
  • 1 medium zucchini sliced (I cut them right down the middle. You can also cut them the horizontally.)
  • 15 oz part-skim ricotta
  • 16 oz part-skin mozzarella cheese, shredded
  • 1 large egg


In a medium sauce pan, brown ground trukey and season with a little salt. When cooked drain in colander to remove any fat.

Add olive oil to the pan and saute garlic and onions about 2 minutes. Return the meat to the pan, add tomatoes, italian seasonings, salt and pepper. Simmer on low for at least 30-40minutes, covered.

Slice zucchini into 1/8″ thick slices (horizontally or vertically).

Lightly salt  each side and set aside or 10 minutes. Zucchini has a lot of water when cooked, salting it takes out a lot of moisture. After 10 minutes, blot excess moisture with a paper towel.

Place the zucchini on a grill sheet and broil for about five minutes until cooked. (Keep an eye on the zucchini, it may take more or less time.)  Place on paper towels to soak any excess moisture.

Preheat oven to 375°.

In a medium bowl mix ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese and egg. Stir well.

In a 9×12 casserole spread some sauce on the bottom and layer the zucchini to cover. Then place some of the ricotta cheese mixture, then top with the mozzarella cheese and repeat the process until all your ingredients are used up. Top with sauce and mozzarella and cover with foil.

Bake 45 minutes covered at 375°, then uncovered 15 minutes. Let stand about 5 – 10 minutes before serving.

Fall back, spring forward

My work schedule is changing from 3 p.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday to 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Le sigh.

My sleep cycle will flip flop. The time that I go to sleep now would be the time that I will wake up for work.

At first I thought it was devastating. After careful consideration and thought, I think this is a great place to be in.

I will be able to produce more enterprise content for the web.

I will have a time during the day to run errands, take dance classes, cook dinner and go out with friends.

With my new schedule, there will be more room for flexibility and creativity.

I’m pretty sure I will revisit this post in a few weeks when I start my new schedule.

Things I like: Water Your Body mobile app

One of my goals for 2015 is to drink more water. I turned to my Galaxy S5 for guidance and encouragement.

I came across a mobile application called “Water Your Body.” It’s avalible in the Google Play store. This exact version cannot be found on iTunes, but I did see some apps that are very similar.

When I downloaded this program, I felt like I struck gold. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

Did I mention it’s FREE?

Water Your Body reminds you to drink water every day. Simple enough.

Before the app, I would get so caught up in work that I would forget to drink water.

When I started working at WATE last September, I feared leaving my desk because I thought breaking news would happen while I was away. Who would be there to send out a push alert to subscribers of our mobile application (shameless plug) or post to social media? I have overcome that fear.

Here’s how it works:

Water Your Body allows you to customize your cup. If there’s a water bottle that you use often, you can edit the amount of ounces each container holds.

The water bottle I use holds 18 ounces of liquid.


The app also lets you know how much you should drink according to your weight.

There’s also a function that allows you to set parameters on when you would like a notification and how often. My reminder is set every hour between 10 a.m and 9 p.m.



You can also track your drinking habits and weight through the app.

I just started last week. I have to admit before using Water Your Body, I would probably drink one bottle of water a day.

This is a screenshot of my progress thus far. I’ve had some really good days and some not-so-good days. But just like setting any goal, it takes time.


The app is so easy to use. I haven’t logged any of my water intake today, but here’s a screenshot from yesterday’s log. I drank two 18 ounce bottles of water. The program logs the times and how close (or in this case, how far) I am away from reaching my daily goal of 78.5 ounces. (This is about four bottles.)


You can also see a your progress in chart form.

I would recommend this app to anyone needs a little motivation, encouragement and guidance when it comes to drinking water daily.

Goals for this week: Creating original multimedia content

Last week I wrote a story called “Near-accident caught on camera by truck driver.”

It’s about a local truck driver who was on the highway in Louisiana when he saw a chain of cars start to slow down for a sheriff’s deputy. One of the cars began to swerve out of control before completing a 180 degree turn, stopping right in front of another car.

He caught the whole thing on video.

Luckily, no one was hurt or damaged their vehicles.

We aired this story in our 11 p.m. newscast. One of the producers reached out to the truck driver for a Skype interview.

I logged the interview,  wrote a web story and added a clip of the newscast to the story.

I want to do more stories like this. I want to do more original reporting.

I spend a lot of time at my job searching for stories from the Associated Press wire or content from our sister stations.

I told myself that I would make it a habit to research, conduct interviews and create “web only” stories.

If the resources permit, I would also like to add video or some sort of multimedia element to the stories.

The One Thing Successful People Do Every Day

The One Thing Successful People Do Every Day” is the name of an article I recently read on Forbes. The headline immediately grabbed my attention.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be successful?

The writer William Arruda talks about the importance of keeping track of your “wins:” daily achievements, victories and self-congratulations.

He says you can do this by keeping a job journal.

“Busy” is the most common reason people give me for not doing anything to build their brand so they can advance their career.  They make time for emails and meetings and teleconferences, but they don’t capture the true benefits of all those activities. Working in their career is getting in the way of working on their career. Sound familiar?

That passage resonated with me. I am a victim of getting caught up in “working in my career,” rather than “working on my career.”

Starting a job journal, will not only help me build my brand, but serve as a tool to chart my success.

Arruda outlines the importance of jotting down your daily achievements:

1. Acknowledge what makes you great. This includes daily victories. He says it’s a great confidence builder and helps you quantify and accesses your strengths.

2. Serves as a reality check. Instead of writing what you achieved, focus on how it made you feel.

This self-awareness is critical as you decide where you want to go with your career. It’s not just about “doing,” it’s about doing the things that energize you. This will also help you know when to take action, giving priority to the projects that will have the greatest impact for your career, your team and your company.

3. Helps you gain a clear understanding of what kind of work you are doing.

4. Better able to speak about accomplishments during meetings with the boss.

5. Easily able to prepare for final review or talk about your experiences when interviewing for another job.

At the end of the year, you’ll have a complete list of accomplishments – approximately 260 entries. You can go through the list and highlight, sort, combine – whatever suits your style. And you’ll have a competitive edge, because you’ll have well-organized evidence. Instead of a vague conversation.

Arruda did not mention this in the article, but I also think it’s important to write about your “losses” too.

Yes, it is important to focus on your successes, but what do they mean if you don’t have struggles?


Arruda, you have persuaded me to begin a job journal.

I will tweak my entries a bit, but I’m looking forward to this new endeavor.

If you are on the fence about this, he even offers three steps to help start your journey.

1. Be consistent.

2. Add it to your “to-do list” until it becomes a habit

3. Do it.

I think that this list could be simplified to just one step, which is the last step, “just do it.”

What are your thoughts?



First post

Here we go.

I had every intention to start a blog on January 1, 2015. It was a start of the new year. A chance for me to begin writing my thoughts, dreams, goals and possibly rants in a space that I created.

I failed.

But not entirely.

Why wait for the start of a new year to begin a project or idea?

That’s what I asked myself.

That brought me back to this space.

It’s a place where my professional and personal ideas, thoughts and products collide. I mean after all, that is what makes me, me.

So, here we go.

My first (of many) blog posts is complete.