Look up TV, Look down digital

As a reporter, or what my station calls a digital journalist, it is important to tell a story throughout the day. I have to produce a story through the day using social media as my platform.

Did you know more people own a digital device than a toothbrush?

Grandparents are the largest demographic on Twitter.

It’s important for any journalist, to keep things things in mind. This is just a glimpse of the changing media ecosystem.

Here are the 4 C’s of digital

  • Creating
  • Curating
  • Connecting
  • Culture

Throughout the day, it’s important to keep these in mind. News gathered throughout the day is reported throughout the day on digital. The newscast is where you tie things together and add more.

With digital, you are always ‘live.’ The 4 p.m. newscast is not a place where the audience first hears the news of the day. That’s where digital and online content comes in. Important news finds the customer throughout the day. The evening news is an avenue to show effects of the event or emotion.

As a digital journalist, content marketing is performed all day long for your customer. We must go where our customers are. That’s on mobile.


TV News vs. Evolving Media

Station control –> Customer in control

All views –> Viewers who need us

Newscast focus news events and newscast anchors –> In the moment focus

Newscast stories –> Right now content anchors, mobile snackables, right now content leader.

Social pictures –> Social video, social live streaming.

Promo texts –> Push alerts, SnapChat, Branding emotion

Mobile gives us the opportunity to innovate, experiment, mobilize and reorganize. Mobile is the most integrative aspect. It is replacing the role of wallets, watches, books and newspapers.

A digital journalist can edge out the competition by engaging the audience all day online and mobile platforms.

I must produce the day, like I would produce a newscast. This includes brand plus “in the moment” storytelling. 

With original enterprise content, hold back information. This will become the story for the newscast.

Push alerts are market stories for the newscast all day long.

Mobile alert strategy

  • Timing
  • Volume
  • Follow
  • Approach

Other notes:

  • Social media can be used as a news gathering tool.
  • Continuous coverage writing.
  • Mobile becomes the noon news of the future. People are on their phones during lunch time.