Makings of an #AMNewser

My world flipped upside down, literally. I am the newest member of #AMNewsers. This elite group of journalists wake up at the crack of dawn to deliver the news to the early birds. In my case, I wake up at 2 a.m. for my 4 a.m. shift. Just this time last week, I would fall asleep around this time. I worked nightside. My old shift started at 3 p.m. and ended at midnight (sometimes later.)

I attacked my first day with ferocity. Daylight Savings Time has made this feat very hard. I go to sleep while the sun is still up. With the help of hot tea, coffee and a sleeping aid, I made it through my first day.

I used SnapChat to chronicle a “day in the life.” I am really thankful that the mobile app that also allows users to download their videos. With a small edit (my video was too long, so I had to break it up into smaller parts) and Final Cut Pro, I uploaded the video on YouTube. The only downside about the video is that the time marks placed over the video does not appear in the final project. Also, the vertical video option is rather annoying. I hope future versions would allow you to shoot video horizontally and the special text features would adjust.