The Online News Association’s 2015 conference and awards banquet was held on Sept. 24-26 in Los Angeles.

I was honored and proud to have been selected as one out of five journalists for the first ever ONA CNN Diversity Fellowship. The program recognizes digital journalists from diverse backgrounds with experience reporting for mobile and social platforms.

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We received an all-expense paid trip to the conference to participate in one-on-one networking and mentoring events.

As part of the application, I had to produce a video that talks about my vision for the future of storytelling on mobile and social platforms.

During the conference, I found it to be the perfect opportunity to try telling stories with Snapchat. I used the mobile app’s geo-tagging feature (California has some really cool ones) and drawing tools.

I downloaded the clips at the end of each day to post on Youtube. (Sometimes the sound is out of sync with the video.)



Keynote speakers:

KEYNOTE: We Belong Here: Pushing Back Against Online Harassment

KEYNOTE: A Deep Dive into Google with Richard Gingras & Emily Bell

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