The Peace Times

I worked as editor-in-chief for the Peace College newspaper The Peace Times from August 2009-May 2012. Previous years, I served as copy editor and staff writer for the monthly publication. Below are my articles that were published while I was a staff writer and editor on the newspaper.

When I was 17… (Part 1) (Part 2)

Published: Jan. 2010

Wild hair, fashionista and track runner. Peace’s faculty and staff dish what they were like as teenagers.

QEP: What students should know

Published: April 2010

Peace College undergoes reaccreditation, choosing ethical decision making as their quality enhancement plan.

Futuristic Holiday Gift Ideas

Published: Nov 2010

Searching for the perfect gift for a loved one is tough. With this Christmas gift guide, shopping is made easier.

What is art?

Published: Sept. 2009

The Peace College Theater performs ”The Shape of Things,” a play that explores the depth of art and how far someone will go to to create a “masterpiece.”