Stream of conscious post

This is a stream of conscious post. I set my timer for 15 minutes and just started writing. I let the thoughts in my head, flow right down to my finger tips as I laid it all out with the tapping of the keyboard. 

It seems like when I’m not at work, I’m still watching WATE 6 On Your Side. Its its cool to see how things are on both sides of the coin. I know the people in front and behind the camera. I look at anchors like Lori Tucker and Bo Williams as the viewer at home would, but what I have over them, is I actually know them. I work with them. I think they are great journalists and role models inside and outside of the newsroom.

It’s almost 5:30 p.m. I should be preparing to go to bed. By preparing, I mean taking a sleeping pill. I don’t trust myself to go to bed at at night and wake up at 2 a.m. without a fight. I’ve been on this schedule for almost a month. Getting up at the crack of dawn doesn’t get any easier. It’s tough. I took a nap today when I got home, which was around 1:30 p.m. It was glorious. I woke up from my 30 minute nap wanting more. I wanted to sleep longer. I didn’t want to suffer the consequences later, so I pulled myself up and when to the Walgreens. I have to make myself be productive when I get off of work. I’d rather just lay around and sleep, but there is things that need to be done. Like washing clothes, making sure my apartment is clean and doing fun things so it doesn’t feel like all I do is eat, sleep and work.

That’s what it seems like anyway. I commend all of the #amnewsers out there.

I feel like I’m losing my balance. I feel like I’m stuck. I need to get out of this rut. I need to find balance. I’m working on that. I realize this in my life and I’m working to overcome this battle. I know that this is only temporary, not permanent.

My birthday is on Monday. I will be 25 years old. This is shocking. 25. WOW.  I can’t beleive it. I will officially be labeled mid-twenties. I don’t have any plans for Monday. This weekend my dear friend from graduate school is coming to visit me. I’m so excited. I hope the weather is nice so we can do fun things like the Rosinni Festival and go to a winery. I cant wait to hangout like the good ol’ days when we were students. It was almost a year ago. That is also hard to believe.

I think I may have onset carpel tunnel syndrome. I can remember taking typing class in middle school. I dreaded it at first. But boy, am I glad I took the course . I know there are some people out there that can’t type. That’s shocking. Why are you grown and still pecking at your keyboard? Get it together. I totally disregard the first rule of typing, keep your wrists raised. I type with my wrist lowered, which would explain why they sound like popcorn when I move them up and down. My toes do the same thing. I blame that on dance, though.

I miss dancing. I miss performing.

I have to plan activities for My friend and I to do when she comes. That’s another thing to add to my never-ending “to do list.”

This has been a long 15 minutes. I typed a lot. I had a lot to say. I think this is a good exercise to clear your brain. I had a lot going on up there, from work to personal life. This helps me let my juices flow. I want to do this more often. I feel like there is always something going on up there. Always.

I am watching a story on the news about the co-founder of a local non-profit who passed away last night. Her name was Ellen Turner. She and her twins sister Helen founded The Love Kitchen. They served meals to the homeless and homebound of Knoxville. I’ve never met them, but just hearing their story brings tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine how the other sister feels. They’re 87 years old. That