Work samples

“For all of us” — the University of Virginia 

The University announced plans to begin the Fall 2020 academic semester using a hybrid approach for classes and with students staff and faculty largely on Grounds. The need for communication was substantial with significant need in July and August when the UVA community returned to Charlottesville. 

The University Communications department engaged and informed audiences through a variety of modalities and distribution methods including the use of the University’s institutional platforms and news content products. 

Our overall objective was to ensure that each audience understands, supports, and adheres to behaviors that allow the University to operate as safely as possible; and to demonstrate good faith and full, proactive effort in communicating the University’s actions and decisions.

To support the campaign, I worked to facilitate collaboration across the creative, photo, and video departments to drive a cohesive social media strategy, oversaw the content production process, and integrated those efforts into the social media campaign.

Millennial health campaign – Blue Cross NC

I led the social media team at Blue Cross NC in a paid social media campaign around millennial health. Our quarterly social media campaigns are a way for us to showcase value as a team and elevate our social media program. We work across the enterprise by connecting with different business areas to ensure our messaging is aligned. We may also look to other sources of information to inform our social media campaign. For the millennial health campaign, we utilized a yearly report, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Health of America Report and the Health Index Report, to help fine-tune the focus on the campaign. According to these reports, a major decline in health begins at age 27. Data also shows many counties in our state fall into the “less healthy” category.  The goals of our campaign boiled down to giving millennials in North Carolina the framework they need to make good decisions about their health. This included insurance education and showcasing our digital-savvy tools to make health care more accessible. 

“Story of my Street: Gentrification in Durham” – The Herald-Sun

I launched and moderated “Story of my Street: Gentrification in Durham,” a Facebook group that served as an integral part of a yearlong reporting project at the Herald-Sun covering gentrification in the city. The Facebook group now has 1,300+ active members. Group members shared stories and commentary about the rising home prices and changes in their neighborhoods. These social media posts were used to generate story ideas for reporters or people to interview on various topics. The Herald-Sun reporters could utilize the Facebook group to engage deeply with their audience — a dedicated group of people interested in gentrification in Durham. Through this experimental way of storytelling, I learned a good Facebook group requires a good moderator with time to devote to it, community management, and the importance of transparency. I educated other journalists on best practices for use of Facebook groups in reporting and online community building internally and externally at the Online News Association Local Summit in Detroit. Here’s a link to my presentation. 

NC Influencer Series – The News and Observer 

The Charlotte Observer, The News & Observer, and The Herald-Sun launched a conversation between readers and important thought leaders throughout the state. It was called The NC Influencers series.  I worked cross-functionally with each newsroom to monitor audience questions that poured in each week, designed the website, and implemented social media promotion plans for the series. We used Hearken’s public-powered model to identify topics that resonated with our audience to inform our storytelling on key issues impacting the state.