• The Charlotte Observer, The News & Observer and The Herald-Sun launched a conversation between readers and important thought leaders throughout North Carolina — The NC Influencers series.  I worked across newsrooms to listen to audience questions, design and implement social media promotion plans for the series. We used Hearken’s public-powered model to identify topics that resonated with our audience. (2018)
  • The digital team at KSHB-TV produced Taste & See KC, a series of custom videos for Facebook. Each video was produced with the consumer in mind: They were written in a conversational way, could be viewed with or without sound and ran between 45 seconds to a minute. Taste & See KC started off as a way for us to increase engagement on Facebook and has growing into a multi-platform experience. Additionally to the videos being posted on Facebook, we created a web page and worked with television producers to draw viewers to the site to watch videos in the series. (2017)


Poynter Women in Digital Leadership, 2017


The 41 Action News team won the Missouri Broadcasters Association award for Best Local Website in 2016.
    • Missouri Broadcasters Association, 2016
      • Award for best website for a large TV station for 
      • Tennessee Associated Press, 2015
      • Second place award for best website,
      • Regional Edward R. Murrow Award, 2015
    • Award for best website,



ONA Local Summit, Creating online communities to inform local storytelling (June 2018)